Sigling goes in to detail about being able to embed video files “Acrobat now contains the ability to embed video files (Flash Files)”. This can be used for illustrative purposes or for a company to be able to send out one of its videos to be reviewed. He discusses the features of Flash and goes in detail to mention that there is more than flash than the general mainstream consensus of videos and online gaming, but to also stream media. “Flash can encode the video and audio and it stream it out of the machine”.He is trying to imply how powerful flash can be if used correctly. Siglin emphasises on his passion for metadata “I love metadata” and then discusses benefits of using metadata “You can not only search by the basic information but by any word in the document. ” SIglin also goes on to mention the other capabilities of metadata in Creative Suite 4, “The suite’s video content creation tool, Adobe has included a technology it dubs Speech Search. This enables the user to be able to have precise management and organization of data and links each word in the searchable text to a frame of video. Siglin discusses Dreamweaver and how there was a previous tool named “Contribute” which was for an average user can make simple updates to a website, and the second tool which “lets tables created in word and saved out as HTML” talks about how the suite has allowed for improved database management and enhancement in how content can be updated on a website server.