World community criminal justice assignment

Modern democracy came into being as lately as the 18th century. To come under the democratic umbrella a country has to have fair elections, freedom in the basic and civil form with due respect to the countries law.We can be certain the country is truly democratic only after three national elections have been conducted successfully and after the peaceful handing over of the government from one party to another. This is crucial since it determines that all influential forces in the country abide by their boundaries and settle all differences peacefully.The other important factor is the right to vote and form political parties with the aim of run for the highest office. Above all equality is encouraged and developed as it ensures a slow but definite revolutionary change.What is post-modernism?Post-,modernism is considered as an edifying and logical phenomenon since the art movement changed during the 1920’s. It is basically related to not only to the social but also political environments and the global creativity that has been on the rise since 1960 especially in the west. Post-modernism covers almost all aspects from, art to music and is considered as a reaction to the earlier modernist movement, in some ways seen as an extension of it. The  word itself has lost its true meaning through the years as it has been extensively used to float various movements in the same name but with different aims.When used in the artistic line like music, art etc. it is seen as being dependant on forms which are not conventionally termed as artistic. The presence of Self awareness is said to be the basis of anything related to post modernism.What is nation state?A nation state is one which has distinct borders and is defined by a territory where the people are similar in culture and background. In a nation state you would find that all the residents talk the same language and follow the same religion along with set patterns in culture and social practices. Countries like US or India for e.g. are not nation states since they have various cultures intermingle. Whereas certain Native American tribes had formed borders but were disregarded by the US state.From this strict definition it’s easy to see that the US is not a nation-state. In other words most of the countries cannot be termed as nation states due to immigrant population. Iceland is one of the only true nation state while the other is Japan and in both cases they are islands hence the immigrants crossing borders is very minimal.What is Globalization?Globalization is what we call unity of several countries economically with a common goal of eliminating their national identities to view and serve for the benefit of the world as a whole. Some of the common goals is to reduce poverty globally, develop the under developed countries and propagate peace. The common way to reach out is the internet which linkspeople the world over. This however has not been well received by certain countries like the Islamic world due to fear of westernisation or some of the conservative groups in the US who still resist globalization. However even with all the opposition Globalization is likely to influence the world in more ways than one.What is Westphalia treaty?It a combined name for two treaties signed in 1648 between January and October in Munster Osnabruck with France and Sweden ending a thirty year old war. By this treaty France and Sweden gained some territories while the Roman Empire became shaky since many of its territories become independent. Above all since the independence of the states of the Roman Empire was accepted, it ended hopes of it becoming a unitary state.What is Wallersteins world system theory?This is a theory written by Immanual Wallerstein in his book The Modern World System: Origins of the European World Economy in the Sixteenth Century where he explains in detail for the readers to comprehend the modernization which took place during 1450 and 1670. He gives details with various logical comparisons of different parts of the world. This theory stressed on improvement and disproportionate opportunities across countries, this was eventually caught on by other theorists. In principal World –System theory is not a theory but a move towards considering social change.