Writing Portfolio Cover Letter

Herewith are pieces of the papers which I wrote as part of the requirements for my writing evaluation and to show my writing abilities and interests. I had intended to write on different subjects in order for me to determine my strength and weaknesses and how I had improved during the past three years in college in different subject matter.I chose to include in my portfolio the following topics because they provided me useful understanding in the subject matter of the respective classes they each represented. First is the essay entitled “Interesting Narrative of the life of Olaudah Equiano or Vustavus Vassa.” This paper is about the life story of a black man who was abducted in West Africa at the age of eleven and was sold into slavery. He was later emancipated after 30 years in slavery after which he published his biography which became best seller during his time. After his death his book has become very influential for the abolition of slavery.Next is the Research Trip to the Chinese Christian Church of Thousand Oaks. The research trip was intended to learn from other cultures as part of the subject Christianity and culture.The third is a paper on Industrial Psychology. I included this paper because my major is psychology. This paper is concerned with the working condition and workers’ efficiency in relation with fatigue and monotony. The last essay is about the “Benefits and Disadvantages of Extra Curricular Activities” wherein I discussed that extra curricular activities are beneficial if one views it objectively. Overall, writing on these subjects fits in to the respective courses because they provide necessary information and understanding on the content of each particular course.As I reflect on these papers, I realized my strength and weaknesses; I realized that my strength lies on my ability to write with fluidity. I can write with some degree of consistency and I knew that it enhances the clarity of my writing. However, I realized also that I was weak on the use of appropriate expressions that would make my writing more reflective. I believe that using appropriate expressions would enhance the clarity of my writing.Another weakness that I had in the past was that I could not avoid committing typographical errors. I was not sharp on spotting them when I was doing the rewriting of my draft. However, during the past three years, I am convinced that I have improved in my writing styles. The learning that I gained has changed many things in me and I can feel that I am smarter now than before. I am now particular on the appropriateness of the terms I am using as well as on the correctness of every sentence and paragraph in the paper.With this letter, I entreat that the committee to give favorable attention on this letter upon evaluating the content of the portfolio, which is also an evaluation of my writing.  I appreciate any constructive and objective evaluation that you will give on this letter.Very truly yours.